Bandung, Sea of Fire

This evening, Prof. Ahmad Mansur Suryanegara, the author of Api Sejarah, gave us a lecture at our office. In the middle of his lecture, he reminded us, that today is a historical date for Indonesian, especially for Bandung people.  65 years ago, Bandung people deliberately burned down the Southern Bandung after an ultimatum was given by the British commander for the Indonesian combatants in Bandung to leave the city. They made the city as a sea of fire (Bandoeng Laoetan Api).

Prof Mansur told us an interesting conversation between  Little Mansur and his mother at the time.

Little Mansur: “Mother, why do we burn our house?”

Mother:  “This is Bung Karno’s order, my son. It’s better to burn out our house than to give it to colonialist.”

And I think we must ask ourself, “where did the spirit go?”


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