Prof. Tendi Haruman and Me – An Obituary

I met him initially in a leadership training whom led by. His team called him Professor. At the time I thought that his nick name was hyperbolic, even his academic title was professor. But then I could understand. With his sound academic background and his real experiences in business, he could provide us an integral leadership/management concept. So he deserved it.

After that we  have some short discussion about management or projects. I remember, an evening in 2010, he invited me at Ngopi Doeloe to discuss a project. At the end of discussion he offered me to study in Belgium. I didn’t answer. Just smiled. I knew that his offering was just a motivation for a young learner like me. But now, I would never discuss something with him or hear his offering again. Yesterday morning, a traffic accident has brought him to his beloved village: the eternal village…

Allahummaghfirlahu warhamhu…




3 Responses to Prof. Tendi Haruman and Me – An Obituary

  1. R:1 says:

    turun berduka atas meningalnya salah satu mantan dosen Widyatama.. semoga amal ibadah nya diterima di sisi-Nya


  2. danny dh says:

    with the deepest condolence..
    farewell my brother..

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